The EFA is currently requesting help from our members and fellow Eddy genealogists to help us continue our Eddy Family research and provide sources for our information.


Genealogical Committee

We are still searching for new members for the Genealogical Committee. This is an important part of our Association.

We are currently working on a computer database that we can provide to all family members. We so far have over 75,000 names in our files.

We need volunteers who would be willing to do some of the input. If you are interested please contact our Genealogist, Stephanie Eddy.

Please note : You must be a member of the EFA or become one in order to help with this particular project.

EFA Genealogist-Stephanie Lee-Eddy

139 Cadillac Ave. S

Oshawa, Ontario


L1H 5Z4

Email: Genealogist@Eddyfamilyassociation.com



Throughout the years many items which may have proved valuable to Eddy Family Association members have been lost or thrown away. Although we can't do anything about the past , it is time to start archiving materials that future generations of the Eddy Family Association may find useful.

Which is why I am now asking you to please send me any copies of Birth, Death, Marriage notices or interesting articles from your local Newspapers, family scrapbooks or bibles, which have a connection to the Eddy surname. These notices will be placed in an archival scrapbook so that they may be available for the future Association members and will also be used to provide a source for the information on your family members.


Copies can be scanned and emailed as an attachment.


email: Genealogist@eddyfamilyassociation.com