Eddy Family Association Officers




Gary Eddey
Email: President@eddyfamilyassociation.com


Vice President

Brad Markey
Email: VicePresident@eddyfamilyassociation.com



Earl Eddy

PO Box 1054, Blue Lake CA.,95525
Email: Treasurer@eddyfamilyassociation.com


Genealogist & Chair of the Genealogical Committee

Rita Eddy-Gianetti

Eddy Family Association, Genealogist
P.O. Box 754
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034

Email: Genealogist@eddyfamilyassociation.com


Chair of the Publications Committee

Lin Eddy-Hough
617 Harrington Rd. Delton MI 49046
Email: Publications@eddyfamilyassociation.com


Social Media Manager
Bulletin Editor-in-Chief

Sherri Quental
Somerset, MA
Email: EFABulletinEditor@gmail.com


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