Last year Tyler Hill received an album that had originally belonged to his Great Grandmother Sophia Jane Eddy (1836-1921), Uxbridge, Massachusetts, daughter of Jeremiah Eddy (EFA #3991).
The portraits appear to be from around 1860-1870.
Please take a look at them and see if you can perhaps help identify some of the photographs from your own family albums.



It seems to be from around 1865 to 1870 judging by the dress and ages of the subjects. The pencil annotations are believed to be from r Almira Sofia Jane Eddy.

It states the album was given by Cecelia Beverly (Eddy) Cooper  [EFA #2016] to her grand niece Ella E M (Bowen) Eddy ( Found under [EFA #2018])

Ella married William Nelson Eddy [EFA #4141] who was her 5th cousin.  William remarried in 1897 soTyler assumes the album was given to his great grandmother, Almira SJ Eddy's [EFA #3991] hands at that time. Tylers great grandmother could recite her genealogical line by heart much to the ridicule of her son Daniel Eddy Hill so I could see how they would have thought her a logical choice to receive the album


Florentine and James Bowen are both grandchildren of Almira Eddy [EFA # 2018].  No picture of Florentine.

Jeremiah Eddy [EFA #2019] and Lucinda Jane Coombs


Moses Stone Learned and Martha Eliza Eddy [EFA #3992]




Ezra Jencks Hill and Almira Sofia Jane Eddy [EFA #3991]

Great Grandparents of Tyler Hill

Children of Almira Sophia Jane Eddy [EFA #3991] by her two husbands.


Daniel Bracket and Mary Cecelia Eddy [EFA #3993]
 (Mary and her second husband, George Whitney, had a son, George Eddy Whitney, who moved to the Falkland Islands and produced a number of descendants there. Many are still there and other's moved to the UK Ireland Australia and Sweden)



Unidentified Individuals in the Album

If you can help Tyler identify any of the individuals below please email Tyler C Hill