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Eddy Family Reunion in Merced, California

Saturday October 6th, 2012

11am to 3pm


Plans for the second annual Eddy Family Reunion in California are moving along.

We'll gather in Merced, which is pretty close to the center of the state, both north to south and east to west.

Merced also happens to be the home of the EFA Treasurer Elaine Darrah who serves as host for this event.


Features of the California Eddy Reunion:

  • -A genealogy area with the Eddy Books and experienced researchers
  • - A gourmet lunch featuring fresh California produce. Prospective atendees are welcome to contact Elaine with suggestions or requests.
  • time to relax and meet cousins you know and ones you don't.
  • -Great prices on genealogy books since you save the cost of shipping.
  • -It is in CALIFORNIA!! In October and October is usually one of the nicest months to be in California. We can almost guarantee no humidity, no tornadoes and no earthquakes.




Volunteers are needed !!


Please contact Elaine Darrah for more information

3151 Erie Avenue,

Merced, CA 95340-1408


[email protected]


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