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Plymouth: October 29, 1630                 Publishers of "The Eddy Family in America"   Organized: September 15, 1920
Tercentennial October 29, 1930                  and the 1940 and 1950 Supplements         Incorporated October 29, 1923

George Winslow Breck, President  (Dil e Edbu Nantilg Assoriation,                      Clarence Jewett Eddy, Treas.
    Arnold Ave., Manomet                                                                   84 E. Rayburn Rd.
    (Plymouth), Mass.             FOR HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH                 Millington, N. J.

Edgar B. Taft, Vice-President                                                          RECORDING SECRETARIES
    21 Walker St.
    Cambridge, Mass.                                                                   Mrs. Ruth A. Breck
                                                                                           Arnold Ave., Manomet
 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES                                                                     (Plymouth), Mass.
Priscilla E. Thompson
                                                                                       Mrs. Laura Furno
    Box 766, Kennebunkport, Me.
    (Annual Bulletin Editor)                             29 Burke Lane                  Route #1, Box 261
Nelson Francis Eddy                                                                     Thompson, Conn.
    Route 1, Black River, N. Y.
                                                         Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181
                                                         March 25, 1969                EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-AT-LARGE
George Ward Stetson, Chm.
     40 Barden Hill Rd.          Mr. Levi C. Eddy                                      Waldo D. Eddy, Trumbull, Conn.
     Middleboro, Mass.                                                                 Joanne Eddy, Hackensack, N. J.
                                 1362 Douglas Dr.                                      Eleanor M. Eddy, Thompson, Conn.
 Ethel M. Eddy                   Clearwater, Fla. 33516
     No. Medford, Mass.                                                                Mildred E. Stevens, Glen Rock, N. J.
                                 Dear Yr. Eddy,                                        Roberta 0. Clark, Hamden, Conn.
 Hazel V. Eddy                                                                         George Ward Stetson, Middleboro, Mass.
     Trumbull, Conn.                                                                   Miriam B. Eddy, Wellesley Hills, Mass.
                                                                                       Thurston G. Eddy, East Woodstock, Conn.
Mrs. Ruth A. Breck, Chm.                   On behalf of the Eddy Family Association, FINANCE

    Arnold Ave., Manomet         I would like to extend to you, deepest sympathy on    Joanne Eddy, Chm.
    (Plymouth), Mass.            the passing of your sister. You and all members of        208 Fairmount Ave.
Miriam B. Eddy                   your family are in our thoughts and prayers.              Hackensack, N. J.
    Wellesley Hills, Mass.
                                                                                       Eleanor Eddy Reed
Bernice W. Wettlaufer                                                                      Winchester, Mass.
    Toronto, Ont.
                                                Also, I would like to thank you for     John C. Stevens
 Alice Eddy Oakes                sending the clipping about the death of Brig. Gen.        Glen Rock, N. J.
     Horseheads, N. Y.
                                 George G. Eddy. As you surmised, both of these deaths
                                 occurred "too late" to be included in the new supplement, which
 Doris K. Stetson, Co-Chm.
     Middleboro, Mass.           is now definitely in the "final stages" of double checking, etc.

 Priscilla D. Taft, Co-Chm.      However, we are very glad to receive this information for two
    Cambridge, Mass.
                                 (1) The data will appear in the Necrology of our annual Bulletin;
Cora McGowan Eddy
     Belmont, Mass.                    whether the data arrived in time for the 1969 Bulletin, or
                                       whether it will be held until the 1970 Bulletin, I do not know.
 Ruth Borden Eddy
    Swansea, Mass.               (2) We definitely do have a repository (as you put it) where information

 Avis L. Blackway                       of all kinds is held about Eddys, pending a future supplement.
     Swansea, Mass.
                                                You asked if Gen. Eddy had send in further data about
 PUBLICATION                     Charles Erevoort Eddy (no. 4468) - and the answer is yes, he had
                                 sent in some data, including the fact that the man was frequently
  Ruth A. Breck                  called Charles Bishop Eddy. There will be a paragraph about him in
  Miriam B. Eddy                 the new supplement. However, it may be that you have considerable
  Ruth G. Eddy                   further information about him. I have written to the Brecks, about
                                 this matter, and it may be that they will have some suggestions that
      Cambridge, Mass.           might be of interest to you.
  George W. Breck
                                                Thank you again for your continued interest in the Eddy
 REPRINT                         Family Association, and the information which you have shared with
 Jessie Eddy Hughes
     Webster, Mass.                                      Sincerely,

 Evelyn W. Kierman                                                             e__61
     Randolph, Mass.
                                                         Niriam B. Eddy
                                                         (Mrs. Donald P. Eddy)
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