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Plymouth: October 29, 1630       Publishers of "The Eddy Family in America"           Organized: September 15, 1920
Tercentennial October 29, 1930        and the 1940 and 1950 Supplements                 Incorporated October 29, 1923

George Winslow Breck, President      EZthu Nantilg Assortation, Jur.                  Clarence Jewett Eddy, Treas.
    Arnold Ave., Manomet                                                                  84 E. Rayburn Rd.
    (Plymouth), Mass.            FOR HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH                 Millington, N. J.

Edgar B. Taft, Vice-President                                                         RECORDING SECRETARIES
    21 Walker St.
   Cambridge, Mass.                                                                   Mrs. Ruth A. Breck
                                                                                          Arnold Ave., Manomet
 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES                                                                    (Plymouth), Mass.

Priscilla E. Thompson                                       29 Eurke Lane                       Mrs. Laura Furno
   Box 766, Kennebunkport, Me.                                                                      Route #1, Box 261
   (Annual Bulletin Editor)                                 Wellesley Hills,                        Thompson, Conn.

Nelson Francis Eddy                                         April 7, 1969             Hass. 02181
   Route 1, Black River, N. Y.
                                                                                                EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-AT-LARGE

HOMESTEAD ENDOWMENT FUND                                                                         Waldo D. Eddy, Trumbull, Conn.
                                                                                                 Joanne Eddy, Hackensack, N. J.
9 1,r. Levi C. Eddy                                                                              Eleanor M. Eddy, Thompson, Conn.
                                                                                                 Mildred E. Stevens, Glen Rock, N. J.
)1U --_Uā€˜ 11 N                   1362 Douglas Dr.                                                Roberta 0. Clark, Hamden, Conn.
                                                                                                 George Ward Stetson, Middleboro, Mass.
V;IP Clearwater, Fla.                                33516                                       Miriam B. Eddy, Wellesley Hills, Mass.
                                                                                                 Thurston G. Eddy, East Woodstock, Conn.
George Ward Stetson, Chm.        Dear i4r. Eddy,
    40 Barden Hill Rd.                                                                           FINANCE
    Middleboro, Mass.            In regard to your "scattered information" about
                                 the activities of Charles Brevoort Eddy (;;.4468) ā€”             Joanne Eddy, Chm.
Ethel M. Eddy                    I believe I told you that I had written to the                       208 Fairmount Ave.
    No. Medford, Mass.           Brecks about this.                                                   Hackensack, N. J.

Hazel V. Eddy                                                                                     Eleanor Eddy Reed
    Trumbull, Conn.                                                                                   Winchester, Mass.

GENEALOGY                        The Brecks are now en route from Florida to                     John C. Stevens
                                  Assachusetts. Just before they left the south,                     Glen Rock, N. J.
Mrs. Ruth A. Breck, Chm.         they wrote to me, and suggested that I contact you
    Arnold Ave., Manomet         And this is what they suggested:                     again.
    (Plymouth), Mass.

Miriam B. Eddy
    Wellesley Hills, Mass.

Bernice W. Wettlaufer            If you are willing to consolidate and condense the material you
   Toronto, Ont.                 have, please do so. If it seems to be of sufficient interest to
                                 hold the attention of the average member of our Association, it
Alice Eddy Oakes                 will be considered for use in a future edition of the annual
    Horseheads, N. Y.            Bulletin.


Doris K. Stetson, Co-Chm.        Incidentally, you mentioned specifically, data which you had about
    Middleboro, Mass.            Charles Brevoort Eddy. Somehow, I am under the impression that you
                                 have also done further research into a number of other Eddys - who
Priscilla D. Taft, Co-Chm.       were associated with the settling of the 'Jest. Again, if you have
    Cambridge, Mass.             any further data that might be of interest to the membership, if
                                 you are interested enough to write it up, and if you have the time
SWANSEA CEMETERY                 to do so, the Editor of the Bulletin would be happy to consider it
                                 for use in future editions. However, please understand that just
Cora McGowan Eddy                because you are willing to prepare something - it does not necessarily
    Belmont, Mass.               follow that it will be published. And, of course, whether it is in
                                 the Eulletin or not, we would be very happy to have it in our files.
Ruth Borden Eddy
    Swansea, Mass.

Avis L. Blackway
    Swansea, Mass.


Ruth A. Breck                    We are beginning to see signs of spring - daffodil shoots and iris
Miriam B. Eddy                   leaves are peking through the earth - and the leaves piled on them for
Ruth G. Eddy                     protection through the winter. Grass is not yet green, but most of the
                                 snow is gone. It has made this Easter season again stress re-birth and
    Cambridge, Mass.             life everlasting.
George W. Breck


Jessie Eddy Hughes                                          Sincerely,                e
   Webster, Mass.
                                                                -4-4-4-A-24.-- ---
Evelyn W. Kierman
    Randolph, Mass.

                                 Copy to the Brecks         Miriam B. Eddy
                                                            (Mrs. Donald P. Eddy)
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