Page 11 - Helen Clarke Letters
P. 11

1209 Columbus Street
                                                                 Grand Haven, Michigan, 49417
                                                                 October 28, 1 9 64

Mr. Levi C. Eddy
622 West Mapel Street
Hinsdale, Illinois, 60521

Dear Mr. Eddy:

       Thank you for the reports, and please be assured that
it will be some weeks before I shall need close your account
and that meantime, should you wish to submit more material, you
may feel free to do so, although I would not like to have that
arrangement publicly known. I feel that what you send in now
only supplements the original report and does therefore not
come under entirely "new material". Is that stretching the point?
Well, I can afford to when the material comes in in the shape in
which yours does.

       It will be months before copy is ready for the printer, for
the last minute rush was rather stupendous. It has taken a full
month just to classify, check, follow-up for missing data, and
in general, prepare the material for the writing of copy. As it
was, I had fallen far behind with the copy, although I had worked
long hours just about seven days a week, for two years. The
checking takes a great amount of time, and the follow-up process

countless hours. You see, none of the correspondence from 1954

onk was turned over to me along with the genealogical forms that
had accumulated since 1950.

       Also, our comm ttee looks large on the letterhead, but
actually, only Mrs. George A. Eddy of Paoli, Pennsylvania
has written any copy. Mrs. Oakes of Horseheads, New York has
reported for the Northern New York Group, but all that material
is in the form of notes and has to be rewritten. She is valuable
for many other purposes, for she has been with this work for a
long pelliod of years and is herself an Eddy by birth. Some of
theMghers have turned in accounts of their own family groups,
but thatis the extent of committee work they have found time to
do; having made other commitments during the years when very little
E. F. A. genealogical work was being done. One member is in
England on some mission and three are purely honorary members.
Still mother member had to be excused because they had a new baby
in the early spring and she already had four small children with
all their demands upon her time and attention.

      Well, I hope to complete what I started out to do, but there
have been many frustrations and at times the going has been pretty
rough. One can't do much research without some financial support
and that the genealogical department doesn't seem to rate. Fees
just for military records or vital statistics are one expense item.
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