Since the early 1920's the Eddy Family Association has been collecting all data associated with the Eddy Family name. Although there are 3 main Eddy family lines, we do collect information on all Eddy names and the various spellings with hopes that one day the lines may be connected.


Over the years individuals have submitted completed genealogies as well as genealogical forms that help us update and add individuals to our Genealogical database. This perhaps is one of our most important projects as it allows us to continually update information on new family members, births, deaths and marriages.

Even if we cannot connect your line, we ask you to send us as much information on your family as you can with hopes that we can help you connect your family line now or in the future.


If you have any questions regarding your family history please contact


Rita Eddy-Gianetti

Eddy Family Association, genealogist
P.O. Box 754
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034

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Please Note: Information may be used for research, but please remember to provide sources for your information with a link to this website. Including data posted to online genealogical sharing sites. This data may not be posted on any other website in its entirety without permission from the EFA.