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the motto being n Crez ib1 grata quiea" ( I am happy in tbo orose,
All those only ttho were 1n the holy wars were �ntitled to have the
orose 1n their a.rt1or1ul bearings, 1t io ti1r to presume thai,
aa the E447 family ts a ver7 ano1ont one ( En47 being a aurname
:toun4 in 11 Domoeday Book"} eome 1:t not man, ot the raoe,11ke th 1r
4oaoend ntlt, aumt'Ully oonbatte4 agail"&t inelig&on and 1n:t14e11ty.
And bav1ns devoted the aword to the arose, :tound in the latter the
gratef"u.l,real, aa 1n41oated by the abov& admirable motto.

                                       Copied by
                                       Al.1oe Eddy Craven
                                                     oot. a1.1904.
                                                             lle1e •

                                 I' ltl1Ch1gan•
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