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Oct 7 1651 Elizabeth wife Oof Samuel was fined for wringing out clothes
on the Lords day.. TThhee ffiinnee,, tteenn sshhiilllliinnggss wwaass aafftteerrwwaarrddss rreemmiitttteedd,, Lhaayy
1,, 1660 Elizabeth was summoneda to Court to makce answer for traveling
on JSunday to BBoossttoonn ffrroomm PPllyymmoouutthh.. SShhee aaflffiirrmmeedd tthhaatt sshhee wsaaae nneeooeessssiittaatteedd
to go on accoount ooff tthhee iillllnneessss ooff MMiesttrreess°s BSaaffffiinn.. TThhee CCoouurrtt eexxcouusseedd
her, but admonniisshheedd hheerr.. SSaammuueell EEddddyy bbi/oouugghhtt aa hhoouussee aanndd lloott ooff
Expeerriieennccee Vriitteohheelllr,La:yv 9, 1631 at Sprinod Hill at the end of LaAin
Street,Plymouth. This house sold in 1645. He was one of the original
purchasers of Liddleborol' Kanse,. He was a large land owner at other
plaoces and in 1631 his asesessnment wwaass hhaallff tthhaatt ooff CCaappttaaiinn SSttaannddiisshh
Samuel TEdddyy tthhee PPiillggrriimm wwaass iinn hhiiss ttwweennttyytgYird year when with his wiiffee
Elizabeth, he steeppppeedd oonn PPllyymmoouutthh RRooookk.. HHee ffiirrsstt sseettttlleedd iinn PPllyymmoouutthh
A lot was set off too hhiimm oonn wwhhiiochh hhee bbuuiilltt aa hhoouussee wwhheerree hhee lliivveedd
several years. He soon joined the Pilgrims Church and wan made a
" freeman" in 1633. His wife weaes evidently a woman of marked coharacter.
She was probabbllyy oof KKeennttiisshh bblloooodd,, aanndd wwaass ddoouubbttlleessss eedduuocaatteedd Iinn tthhee llaaxx
notions o)1f:. tthhee CChhuurrcchh ooff EEnnggllaanndd ocoonnoceerrnniinngg tthhee LLoorrdd''ss ddaayy,, aanndd hheerr
conduct gsave mmuucchh vveexxaattiioonn ttoo tthhee GGoovveennoorr aanndd CCoouunnociill(( aass hhaass bbeeeenn ssttaatteedd

      It must be confessed that our ancestoress was an independent and
energetic woman. Her Sabbath breaking cannot be held up to her daug;hters
as exemplary but herr pphhyyssiiccaall vviigoorr aanndd eenndduurraannccee tthheeyy mmaayy wweellll ocoovveett..

   That Sabbath walk to Boston ies memorable. It is our good fortune to
have sprung from a KXentiah woman of perfect physique.

     In the year 1661 Samuel Eddy with several of his neighbors bought a
large tract of land of t e Indians and founded the town of hYiddleboro.
His porttiioonn iinncclluuddeedd sseevveerraall hhuunnadrreeddauorea in the norrtthh eeaasstt ppoorrttiioonn ooff
the townn ooff Ltiiddddlleebboorroo''ss LLaasss..,aannddaa ppaarrtt ooff tthhee ttoowwnn ooff Halifax,
and there, as his descendants multiplied grew up the little village of
Eddyville, whioch we all of his line regard as our Jerusalem.

   On the very spot where tthhee PPiillggrriimmss bbuuiilltt hhiiss hhoouussee hhiiss cohhiillddrreenn'ss,,
ochildren now live, the old homestead having never been alienated.

     As visit to middleboro LMass. will richly repay S/aomu for the trouble
of gdoing there, though the scenery is not grand, or strioking the town
is very lloovveellyy.. YYoouu wwiillll sseeee oolldd /NJeew England at its bbeesstt..
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