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Genealogy of the Eddy Family.
        The Eddy JJuubblliilleeee wwaass tthhee 2299tthh COoott.. 11888800,,jaunt 250 yyeeaarrss ffrroomm
the time of the landing of the Pilgrims, it being the Two Hundred
and Fiftieth Anniivveerrssaarryy ooff tthhee llaannddiinngg ooff Johhnn,, SSaammuueell aanndd AAbbigiagialil
Eddy in this Countryy iinn 11663300 Ooct.29th.
      Rev. Dr. Zaochary Eddy of Detroit Lioch. was Orator for the anay
OCot. 29th 16880 at Providence R.I.

      James Eddy Esq. of Providenece R.I. offered the use of his elegant
Chapel on Bell Street, which was of convenient size for the meeting,

and he cordially welocomed the guests to the hospitality of his house
and grounds. JJoohhnn EEddddyy ooff PPrroovviiddeennccee RR..II..wwaassuunannainmiomuosulsylyeleeZveaotteedd
President., On motion it was voted,that R.H. Eddy of Boston Lasse.*
be eleoted permanent jsecoretary and genealgist of the Eddy ffaammiillyy,,

and that all additienal information that may be hereafter acquired
be communicoated to him for perseervation.

      Robert Henry Eddy born in Boston, Author of Sept. 27, 18612
Genealogy of the tTiddy Family Boston Lasse.,

      William Eddye,A.ML.. was a hative of Bristol was Vicar of tthhee,
Church of „SAt. Dunstan of the town of Cranbrook of the County of Kent

England,, eedduuceaatteedd. aatt TTrriinniittyy CCoolllleege, Cambridge,FEnegllaanndd ,, aanndd. VViiocaarr

of Cranbrook ffrroomm 114558899 ttoo 11661166 mmaarrrriieedd VVoovv..2200 11558877 MTeaarryy FFoossttnenn
( daughter of John Fosten,ddiiededeekpeptt,,15175733)who died July 1611 lliikkiinngg

an infant ,*Nathaniel who survived his mother 99 ddaalyes..
      In 1614 Mr Eddye° married Elizabeth Taylor ( wwiidooww)) aanndd iinn tthhee same

year oshse had a daughter Priscilla.

      Wimn..EEddddyyee wwaass bboorrnn between t1h;hee yJeears 11b56600 aanndd. 11556655 tthhee ddate isu of
ocourose conjecotural. He died Rbov. 23,1616 and was buried in Cranbrook
Church yard but where therein is not known. He was a gentleman of
much merit and order, a faithful Clergyman to his parishioners.

His Childred were                                                                                    168
                                             b5. Abiiggaaiill BBoorrnn OOcctt.. 11660011 ddiieedd. LLaayy 22
1. Larryy bboorrnn SSeeitt.. 115)91.
2.Phineas " " 1593                           &6.AnAnnnae   " Lay 1603
3. Joohhnn " A-4a-arrochh 11559977                        e " 11660088
4. Ellen " Aug. 1599                         7. Samuel

 11. Prisocilla BBoorrnn JJuullyy 11991144.  8. EElliizzaabbeetthh "n" DDeoc. 1606

                                             9. Zaocharinaes " Larch 1610

                                             10. nNathaniel " July 1611
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