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ANSEL DOANE EDDY 9677 Clergyman. He published "Black Jacob," a monument of grace : the life of Jacob Hodges, The Christian Citize Addresses on the Duties, Dangers, and Securities of Youth


ARTHUR JEROME EDDY 6040 Author of Cubists and post-impressionism, Ganton & Co. : a story of Chicago commercial and social life, as well as Two thousand miles on an automobile, among others


CLARENCE EDDY 4233 Author of The organ in church : a collection of opening and closing voluntaries, with other organ pieces for divine service 1887 and Concert Pieces For The Piano 1894


DANIEL CLARKE EDDY 12375, was ordained January 1846to the ministry as pastor of the 1st Baptist Church, Lowell, Massachusetts. Author of Young Man's Friend (1850) The Young Woman’s Friend (1857) The Young Woman's Friend (1858). Waiting at the Cross (1869) concerns devotion, while both Daughters of the Cross (1855) and Christian Heroines (1881)


DAVID BREWER EDDY 7500 Author of What next in Turkey; glimpses of the American board's work in the near East,


DONALD DAVID EDDY 22879 Author of Essays on the Characteristics of the Earl of Shaftesbury, 1751. With and introduction and

bibliography by Donald D. Eddy, A bibliography of John Brown, and A bib1iography of Richard Hurd


DUANE EDDY 24884 – Guitarist, songwriter, wrote and produced songs such as Shazam, Theme From Dixie, Ballad Of Paladin and Peter Gunn


EARL BRONSON DOUGLAS EDDY 6717 Author of The beginnings of Congregationalism in the early Canadas. Among others


EDWARD DANFORTH EDDY JR. 9165 wrote a number of books on the American and College Education including Colleges for Our Land and Time: The Land-Grant Idea in American Education.

In 1954-55 Eddy was acting president of the University of New Hampshire.


EDWARD DANFORTH EDDY III 21405, author of Labor and land use on mixed farms in the pastoral zone of Niger GEORGE SHERWOOD EDDY 7497 was the author of “Man Discovers God”, “The Meaning of Marx a symposium”, “The New World of Labor” , “Europe Today”, “You Will Survive After Death” among others GEORGE SIMPSON EDDY 11011 wrote notes for “The Account Books of Benjamin Franklin 1928” and was the author of “A work-book of the printing house of Benjamin Franklin & David Hall, 1759-1766 – 1930”


HENRY TURNER EDDY 3768 wrote A treatise on the principles and applications of analytic geometry and The theory of the flexure and strength of rectangular flat plates applied to reinforced concrete floor slabs,.


NELSON ACKERMAN EDDY 8315 He made appearances in films such as In the Garden Of My Heart, Dancing Lady (1933)and Student Tour (1934)


JAMES GARFIELD EDDY 10858 was a pioneer in forestry genetics. Establishing the Eddy Tree Breeding Station at Placerville, California. In 1952, The American Forestry Association presented James G. Eddy with its highest award for outstanding service to American forestry


OLIVER TARBELL EDDY 2178 was an inventor and artist. He created an early version of the modern typewriter. He was a well known portraitist and miniaturist in Maryland painting many of the influential residents of the era.


RICHARD EDDY 3907 a Universalist minister, wrote a valuable two-volume history, Universalism in America, 1884-86.


SAMUEL EDDY 926 He was clerk of the Rhode Island Supreme Court in 1790- 1793, secretary of state in 1798. He published "Reasons for My Opinions" (Providence, 1818).


WILLIAM ALFRED EDDY 11149 acted as interpreter for President Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia during the historic meeting in the Suez Canal, and was key in developing the U.S. treaty with The Yemen in 1946


WILLIAM FRANKLYN EDDY 14043 Mayor of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1897-1898


ZACHARIAH EDDY 2664 ordained as a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1835 . He was the author of " Immanuel, or the Life of Jesus Christ" (Springfield, Massachusetts, 1868), "Hymns of the Church" (1869), joint editor of "Carmina Sanctorum" (New York, 1884).